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Record-breaking sales
landing page
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At Trail Appliances, parts of my responsibilities are managing the landing pages and online experiences. My role involves creating various website pages such as sales and promotion landing pages, social media campaigns, informational pages, inspirational outdoor living campaigns, and more. To achieve this, I create wireframes, design visuals, and analyze performance. In 2023, despite the financial challenges faced by retail businesses, Trail Appliances' Black Friday sale achieved a record-high in sales. The landing page played a crucial role in driving paid traffic to the website and converting them into sales. The Black Friday Sale is a three-week campaign that consists of four flights.

Project type

UI&UX Design




Adobe Creative Suite
Google Analytics

Flight 1: Black Friday Teaser

bf teaser screenshot.png

Our goal for the teaser flight was to gather email and SMS subscribers who are interested in buying appliances during the Black Friday sale. During this flight, we gained 625 new subscribers in 1.5 weeks, which was 1000% higher than our average growth.

Flight 2: Black Friday Sale On Now

Flight 2_ Black Friday Sale On Now (1).png

The flight 2 marked the official start of the Black Friday sale. The best offers were placed above the fold and that drove people to explore more of the products and supplier offers, moving cutomers to the lower marketing funnels, allowing for a strong start to the sale.

Black Friday Doorcrashers


The door crashers were live on the Black Friday morning. Later, we were told that we successfully captured the market share from our competitors, and this Black Friday Sale turned out to be the most successful sale Trail Appliances has ever had.

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